A Charming Night at Portland Fashion Week

October 16, 2014 10:20 pm - Leave your thoughts

Anna was so kind to invite me to Portland Fashion Week a couple weeks ago and after hitting up Pepe Le Moko for their famous Grasshoppers, we made the 5 block trek, heels and all, to Pioneer Courthouse Square to catch the Bridal + Couture show. It was quite the spectacle and we had a lot of fun seeing what these up-and-coming local designers created for their collections. Anna and I oohed and awed over the luxuriously textured wedding gowns, were smitten over the beautiful embroidered pieces and were completely entertained, baffled even (our inner Anna Wintours inevitably came out at times), by some of... Read More

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From Clutter to Cuteness

June 7, 2014 1:55 pm - Leave your thoughts

As both a mother and design enthusiast I will admit to spending countless hours browsing pinterest and many other internet time suckers in awe of all the perfectly executed children’s bedrooms! Fairy Castles, Mid-century Meccas, Etsy Explosions- so much amazing cuteness…but come on, let that kiddo loose for 10 minutes in their own bedroom (awake) and it would become messy chaos right?! I decided to forgo the uptight beautiful bedroom perfection with my girls and instead of cringing try to smile at their creativity with tape, pictures, paper and sometimes even glue and chalk on the walls. After some serious... Read More


Back Home

May 31, 2014 1:37 am 1 Comment

There’s a tiny town about 5 hours South of Portland, just above the California border called Cave Junction. Cave Junction is the home to the Oregon Caves national monument, Out and About Treehouses and my lovely parents! I grew up in this beautiful yet strange town, and relish the time that I get to spend there now as an adult. My girls and I used Memorial weekend as an excuse to get out of town and head South. We spent the weekend enjoying mom’s home cooking, taking walks in the middle of nowhere, catching frogs, lounging in the sun and... Read More


Expose the Toes

May 13, 2014 6:23 pm 1 Comment

When you live in Portland, Oregon you wait (semi) patiently for 8 months for the sun to peek out. As soon as it sheds some light you are busy packing up down coats and digging through long sleeve drawers in search of tanks, shorts and skimpy dresses. Rummage through the medicine cabinet, squirt a little fake tanning lotion on your legs and head out to find an adorable new pair of sandals…my personal preference is something classic, colorful and standout unique. That’s why Branch Birdie carries both Magubas and Saltwater Sandals- Magubas are handmade in Sweden using only leather and... Read More